Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hells Fire Sinners

There is an old adage that says in order for good to exist there must be evil. Well, the fact that bubble gum feel good pop exists means that here must be another sound that exists on the opposite end of the spectrum to keep the universe in balance. Hells Fire Sinners play that music.

From their first gig in a "piss smelling burned out basement" to becoming regional powerhouses, Hells Fire Sinners have converted a large fan base with the Devil's blessing. Combining traditional sounds in a toilet bowl moonshine concoction, the band is finds itself in the forefront of the surging neo-roots scene.

Comparisons abound when describing the sound of Hells Fire Sinners. The hellbilly chugging of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, the 80's punk snarl of Social Distortion, the acceptance of damnation of Joe Buck Yourself, the lawlessness of Johnny Cash, and the spit and whiskey attitude of Hank Williams III are all parallels drawn by critics and fans. All are valid, but the parts don't equal the whole. Hells Fire Sinners walk the line perfectly between being a screw the establishment band with a good vibe and making serious artistic statements about religion, life, and death.

Songs such as "Piss On You" showcase the band at it's best live. The adrenaline rises and the crowd starts moving just as they would at any good punk show. Lyrics warn of bar fights and celebrate bad tattoos. The blue collar ethos provide the perfect high energy performance that virtually guarantees you are going to get beer spilled on you.

Their Zodiac Killer Records debut is due sometime in 2010 and finds the band tearing up the studio much the same way they do live. The album combines the energy of their live show with a nuanced approach to organizing chaos.

Hells Fire Sinners perform with Rustbelt Homewreckers on Friday March 19th at the Brass Rail.

Visit myspace.com/hfsinners for more.


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