Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Koffin Kats Back in Fort Wayne

Greetings, creeps and creepettes! Your fearless promoter of low-brow entertainment, Gravedigger Grimm, is writing you to announce another artistically meritless fun, a mysterious new project devoid of all redeeming social value. This year will see the launch the first in many of underground high-energy live music shows under the banner of Bad Vibes Entertainmen, and what an opening show we've got to kick off the festivities! March 16 will see the glorious return of the finest Detroit band to bleed on an upright bass, the Koffin Kats!

You may remember this intense hard hitting trio from 2008 when they played the Brass Rail with the Lurking Corpses and Zephaniah. Conceived in 2003 (from the ashes of V-8 Nightmare), the Koffin Kats are popularly labeled a "psychobilly" band, but have constantly evolved, shedding many of the conventions of the subgenre. This year proves to be no exception as they continue their relentless touring to every corner of the world that will let them preach their unholy gospel of drugs, alcohol, horror, and evil.

Band leader (and sole constant member), Vic Victor, is perhaps more accurately described as a bass-climber than bass-player. Just the same, his skills are unmatched by most, and to be sure, the man is not afraid of his own red stuff either as he serenades audience after audience with lyrical material ranging across wild automobiles, evil women, substance abuse, death and monsters and other assorted scalawag behavior. These days, the melodic onslaught is reinforced by guitarist and newest member, EZ Ian, and original drummer returned, E-ball Walls. Though many a long time fan was said to say goodbye to original guitarist, Tommy Koffin, I for one look forward to the road ahead. The new lineup has already been tearing across the US and will leave for Canada and Europe in a few short months.

If this at all intrigues you, then I urge you to check out their latest release, Forever For Hire (2009, Stomp Records), and come to the Rail on Tuesday March 16 when the Koffin Kats will stop to drop jaws in the Summit City one more time.

The Sour Mash Kats are already confirmed to open and more are to be announced. The party starts between 9:30 and 10:00 PM.

For more info visit myspace.com/koffinkats

Rock Hard, Sleep Tight, and turn GREEEEEN!!!

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