Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I received this letter the other day and thought you might find it interesting. The names have been left out as to not hurt the reputation of a good band.

To whom it may concern;

The band, '_________', which is scheduled to play at your venue on ________ is having some major issues, financial and otherwise. The lead singer (________) and the bass player (________) are both dealing with drug problems, and there is a lawsuit against the band that will prevent them from ever moving forward. Their reputation in _________ is destroyed. Be aware of this when they come to your town and be cautious. Good luck to you.
~ Disgruntled Ex-Band Member

I chose to include this letter not only for a quick joke, as it describes pretty much every band everywhere, but to make a point. The jerk that wrote this letter is pretty upset about not being in the band anymore, but instead of moving on and starting a new band with some like minded people, this jerk scours the internet looking for where his old band’s next shows are so he can trash their reputation. I don’t know the full story, but it seems that there must be better ways to solve the issue than not being a jerk (a still failing to solve the issue).

No matter what path you choose in life, you will always find people who don’t want you to succeed. It’s not that what you doing is bad (though sometimes this might be), it’s mainly that some jerks feel better about themselves when they bring someone else down. It's as if they've already accepted their own failure, and since you're having a little success, they can't let you enjoy it.

No one is destined to fail. The Chubby Funster philosophy is if you learn from your mistakes, don't give up and don't rely on people who always disappoint you, then you'll eventually find some success. You just can't give in and let the jerks be right.

We received some mixed reviews on last issue, and we'd sincerely like to thank those who gave us their opinion. Some of you were helpful, some of you were jerks. But it's the jerks who made us realize who we're doing this for. Those of you who “get it,” those of you who put time and sweat into building up the scene, this issue's for you to rub in the face of the jerks.

A few weeks ago, we were worried that the lack of submitted items meant nothing at all was happening in March. But at the 11th hour things turned around, and it looks like there might be a thing or two worth doing this month after all. Which is good because when that snow finally melts, we don't intend to stay inside.

~A. Fanger

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